October 4. Excellent fishing and catching. Thank you! Justin Rowland, Greensboro, NC.

October 24. Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time and if you need a recommendation somewhere, please let me know. Thank you very much. Jim, Snellville.

November 3. Thank you again for a great trip! Brian, Statham, GA.

November 4. Thanks for everything. John, Philadelphia, PA.

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September 15. We had a great time. I have given my buddies your contact info. I'll reach out to you in late October so we can do it again. Cedric, Atlanta.

September 19. Great pictures. We really enjoyed the trip. Thank you so much! Denise, Atlanta.

September 28. All six of us had a fantastic time fishing/catching with you! Jim, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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August 4 Wonderful trip! Chad. Atl.

August 11 Well-priced trip with excellent fishing results!!!!!!!!!! Carl. IL.

August 15 You provided a fishing trip that far exceed our expectations. Bill. Atl.

August 17 We will be back - thank you for your services! Bobby. Atl.

August 21 The Striper fishing was terrific! Gotta do this again. Chris. Atl.

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July 1. Captain Tom, you provided a fantastic service. As you said, you only have one rule and that is, "Let's have as much fun as we can"! Did we ever have a lot of fun catching all of those fish you put us on! I gave you a five star rating on Google!!!!!!!!!!! Frank. Atlanta.

July 3. Thank you so much for a great time Capt. Tom. We all enjoyed your company. Gary. Atlanta.

July 11. We had a fantastic trip Tom. Everyone caught some big ones! Tim. Winston Salem.

July 12. Wow, did we ever catch a bunch of fish! We caught numerous species and we caught some real big ones. Thank You! Alan. Atlanta.

July 18. Thank You! My folks had a great time Captain!! Great Time! They can't wait to go again. Waylon. Dahlonega.

July 25 and July 27. We had so much fun catching Stripers on the 25th that we had to come back on the 27th. Quinn and I had a fantastic time fishing with you. Large Stripers definitely challenged us. Thank you for putting us on the big ones. Doug. Cumming. Quinn. Chicago.

July 26. Thank you for a great time! Dennis. Atlanta. David and Aaron. Toronto.

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June 1 - Thank you for the trip. We had a great time and I'll be back. Keith. Atlanta

June 2 - Thanks for taking good care of my nephews! They said that they had a perfect day of fishing. Andrew. Atlanta.

June 4 - Couldn't have asked for a better guide. It was a great memory for me and my son. A million thanks. Danny. Dahlonega.

June 15 - Thanks for a great guide trip today! Isaac. Atlanta

June 17 - Thanks Tom for some great memories! Chad. Atlanta.

June 20 - Thanks Tom! The boys had a great day and can't wait to do it again. You were awesome - patient and knowledgeable. The boys loved getting to try out all your great assortment of lures and baits. Have a great summer and we will be calling you again! Betsy. Spartanburg.

June 23 - We had a good time! Thanks Again! Matt. Atlanta.

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May 18. It was great! Thanks for making it fun. Larry. Atlanta.

May 19. We had an incredible time! Thank you for all your help! An absolute A class experience. Jake. Roswell.

May 21. Thanks for putting us on fish Captain Tom. Robert. Atlanta.

May 23. We had a great time, Tom. You did a great job putting us in the spots where fish were looking for us, too! All of us will certainly keep your name in front and center for the next trip! Thanks! CE. Atlanta

May 25. It was a very enjoyable trip Captain Tom. Fishing was good and you made it happen for us! S.P. Atlanta.

May 27. Thank you, Tom. We had a great time. James and Scott, Clermont.

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April 2. Thank you Captain Tom for a great time. We captured some wonderful memories today. Jackson has not stopped talking to my wife about how much fun he had. Scott. Atlanta.

April 6. We had a great time and hope to go again later this summer. Van. Flowery Branch.

April 8. Over 20 Spotted Bass and some Stripers mixed in! Matt. Atlanta.

April 10. Stripers and Spots - thanks for the action. Rick. Atlanta.

April 11. You put us on fish! Thank you! Ron. Atlanta.

April 13. We doubled up on Stripers and put a hurtin' on the Spots. Steve. Atlanta.

April 14. We had plenty of action! Could not have asked for a better trip. Al. Atlanta.

April 25. We won the corporate competition - Thanks Capt Tom. Ronnie. Atlanta.

April 27. My guys had a great time and I will definitely refer you. Lynn. Alpharetta.

April 29. We had a good time and you did a good job moving us around to put us on fish. Thank You! Eric. Atlanta.

April 30. Today was our anniversary. Up until today my wife had never caught a Striper. Not only did you put us on fish - you put her on huge Stripers, the biggest of which I am going to mount and put on our wall. Sam. Cumming.

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March 4. Tom, once again, thank you for the great trip. Everyone was thrilled with the day and the quality of service that you provided. I will be looking forward to going out with you again many times in the future. Jayson, Atlanta.

March 18. Gentlemen, the pleasure was all ours. Thank you all for being so accommodating. We all are grateful. No worries on the tip. It was well deserved. Thank you all for a successful trip. Michael Beasley, Atlanta.

March 23. We had a great time. THANK YOU!! Hope to do it again. Quinton, Atlanta

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December 2 Thanks Tom! We had a Blast! Colin. Atlanta.

December 13. Caught a ton of fish in our four-hour trip. Thank You. Dak. Atlanta.

December 29. The girls had so much fun. Thank You! N.D. Atlanta.

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November 10. Thank you for a great time on the Lake. The guys and I thoroughly enjoyed our time on the boat along with your knowledge and expertise of the Lake! Katie. Atlanta

November 21. We caught way more fish than we expected. Thank You! JL. Atlanta

November 25. Tom, thank you for a wonderful day fishing on Lake Lanier. It was a great adventure for the girls, Mat, and me. Nancie. Atlanta

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October 10 Captain Tom, we caught fish in spite of the bad weather. Good Job! Ronald, Atlanta.

October 15 We caught a lot of fish in our four hour trip with you including a big one I caught on very light tackle. Thanks. John, Atlanta.

October 16 We got on some Stripers! Thanks. Brett, Atlanta.

October 20. Tom, thank you for taking us fishing. We caught plenty of fish! Alan, Atlanta.

October 22. Again, thanks so much for such a fabulous time! Shonna, Atlanta.

October 27. Thanks again for putting us those huge Bass and Stripers. Great fishing trip! Ricky, Villa Rica.

October 28. We won! We won! Our husbands were on one boat and we were on your boat. We caught more fish than our husbands and we sure let them know that! Doris, Tuskegee, AL.

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September 1. It was a great trip. Austin. Atlanta

September 13. Thanks Tom. We all had a great time. Appreciate your patience with the kids. They had a blast. Look forward to next year! Jim. Atlanta.

September 15. We had a great time. Brian. Atlanta.

September 22. Thank you Tom! Yesterday was fun. Hope to do it again next year. Stephanie. Atlanta

September 23. Captain Tom, we had a great time. The look of excitement and joy of my friend Eddie at his first time fishing and catching Stripers simply made my day. He wants to make it an annual thing. RK. Atlanta.

September 28, Thanks Tom. I really enjoyed the trip. Per. Alpharetta

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August 17. Tom, we really enjoyed the trip today! King. Atlanta

August 24. Tom, we had a blast and the kids loved it. Thanks for putting us on the fish! We are definitely going to do it again. Sean. Atlanta

August 26. Captain Tom, we really enjoyed the trip today. Thank you again, Tom. It was a fun morning. I had a great time today. Thanks for taking us out! Steve, Wade, & Chris. Atlanta

August 28. We had an excellent fishing trip today. Thanks for everything. John. Atlanta

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