June 2. Thanks Tom. We had a great time! David. Cumming.

June 4. I look forward to doing this again. Robert. Decatur.

June 5. Thanks again for everything. I will definitely book with you again for myself and my friends. Brandon. Atlanta.

June 8. Thank you so very much!!! We had an amazing time!! We will definitely be back. Keith and Hillary. Knoxville, TN.

June 12. Captain Tom, you were really great with kids and I really appreciated you putting us on fish! Tom, Cumming.

June 15. Tom, it was awesome! Thank you for going above and beyond for us! Chuck, Newark, DE.

June 16. Thank you Tom. Great Day. We’ll do it again soon! Bill. Atlanta.

June 21. Thank you again Tom for everything! We’ll be doing this again! Neil, Johnson City, TN.

June 25, 26. Tom, you did an outstanding job both days. We have fished as a group in many places but never had the size and number of fish that we caught with you. Pat, Kyle, Larry, John, Erik. Durango, CO.

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May 1. Hi Captain. Thank you very much for the trip today! My ten year old so and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Shannon

May 4. Fishing was excellent! We even had a triple at one time. Your positive attitude and how you handled yourself fit right into our fishing plan! Joe

May 6. A solid day of catching Stripers. Thank you! David

May 8. We caught more than we expected. Thanks. George

May 9. We had a great time! We have given your phone number to our neighbor! Joe.

May 14. Wonderful fishing trip. We liked you at the very beginning when you said you had only one rule, “Let’s have as much fun as possible”. Jennifer

May 17. Thanks Tom! We really enjoyed the experience and your expert guide skills. Thanks for putting us on the fish and for a very enjoyable day! Matt and Tommy.

May 18. Thanks Captain Tom! You made our day! Jessica.

May 25. Thank you for a great day!! We really had a great time! David

May 27. Pitching and casting those bait fish was way cool. We caught plenty of fish…more than we thought. Scott.

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April 3. Tom, thank you for a really good fishing trip. We caught a bunch!

April 9. My sisters and I caught as many fish or more than fishing with other boat captains.

April 15. You met and then exceeded our expectations to the number of fish you would put us on. We caught them good! And thank you for showing us how to catch them. Tom, I look forward to our next trip. Jim.

April 16. Had my customers in the boat with you and me and you sure impressed all us with your fishing knowledge and fishing locations that paid off for us.

April 17. We caught a good many fish. Thank you for the trip. We had a blast! Eric

April 21. We gave you a Google 5.0! We had a blast. We caught plenty of fish. Drew.

April 27. Thanks Tom. Good trip! Matt.

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March 8. We had a good haul Tom. Thank you. Larry.

March 9. Things were not looking so good until you got us to your number three place on up the Lake…and did it ever produce! Bubba.

March 11. You gave us fair warning that weather conditions would not be conducive to catching some Stripers; but you just kept going to various places and it really worked out for us. Thank You Captain Tom.

March 22. The most Stripers me and Steve ever caught was three that is until we went out with you. Man, we had a solid day on the Stripers. You figured them out! David and Steve.

March 23. Thanks for putting us on the fish. Weather conditions like the wind were making tough on us but you made an adjustment and we started catching them. Renee.

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February 1. Fantastic trip Captain Tom. Definitely will see you in the summer. Allen.

February 17. We had a good catch …. Better than we expected. Thank you. Brad.

February 20. Tom, we learned a lot about Striped Bass fishing from our five hour trip with you. You’re very good! Chad.

February 25. Wow! We caught some good ones! Your equipment, bait, and rods and reels…. Everything was top shelf. Bubba

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January 3. We landed six heavy Stripers and some Bass while fishing with you. Thank You. Ben.

January 7. We caught more fish than we thought we would catch. Alan.

January 9. Me and the boys had a really great time catching those Stripers. Jared.

January 29. Five Stripers, six Bass, and 6 Catfish…..what a day of fishing! Susan

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December 9 We caught a lot of fish and many of them were very large. Steve and Ben. Atlanta.

December 11 Our final tally was fifteen and were large to very large. Thank you Captain Tom. Atlanta. Mark, Tyler, and Ashton.

December 28 Just call us the comeback kids! We had a slow start but you gave us some extra time and …. Wow ! Did we ever take advantage of it! You put us on a mid-day to early afternoon place and we wore them out!! Brian, Josh, and the boys. Clearwater, FL

December 29 We never imagined that we would catch so many fish – mostly Striped Bass!!! We caught fish at every place you took us!! Thank You!! Daniel and Elijah. Tallahassee, FL.

December 30 Thank you for a great fishing trip! Our biggest fish was 34 inches and it was tough to bring in. Fred. Atlanta.

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November 14 We caught a good mix of fish including Stripers and Bass. Thanks Tom.

November 18 A very good trip. Good results. We’ll be back soon.

November 19 Double digits for Stripers! Thank you.

November 21 Great time on the water. Look forward to next trip Tom. Matt.

November 23 Pulled in some good ones Captain Tom! Appreciate it!

November 25 Thank you so much for having them out today. It was so special for all of them. You were kind to have them out as long as you did.

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October 1. Nineteen Stripers in just over four hours – Wow! What a trip!! James, Atlanta.

October 2. We never caught that many Stripers until today - thank you so much - we almost got 20! Randy, Atlanta.

October 3. Did we have a wonderful fishing trip - or what! Very exciting and action-filled trip. Thanks! Jason, Atlanta.

October 8. Thanks Capt Tom for an excellent fishing trip. Ronald, Atlanta.

October 9 to October 18: Vacation

October 19. A great five hour trip - we caught more fish than we thought we would. Thanks. Billy. Atlanta.

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September 10. Thank You! We had a blast! Jeremy, Knoxville TN

September 12. We had a great time. Hope to do it again. Good times. Thanks again. Anthony, Atlanta.

September 15. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for being so patient with the boys. David, Atlanta.

September 18. Thank you for putting us on all those fish!!! Jacky, Atlanta, GA.

September 16. Great fishing and talking with you. I told my buddy that it was more like fishing with a very skilled uncle rather than a paid charter skipper. Rick, Tampa, FL.

September 21. We had so much fun fishing with you! Don and Susan, Lancaster, PA

September 27. Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of us this morning. Thanks again and we will be back in touch soon to book another trip with you. Will, Atlanta.

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August 2. Thanks Tom. We had a blast. We will definitely be back! Jason.

August 3. We had a real good catch. Shane.

August 5. Fishing was good. Thank you. Danny

August 14. Catching Stripers while celebrating a huge birthday! Rob

August 17. Tom, thanks for a great day. Jerry.

August 18. Had a great time. Caught over 15. Dave

August 20. Yeah we had a good time and will be getting with you soon. Lance

August 21. We caught way more fish than we thought we would. Justin.

August 29. We filled up your cooler with Stripers! Thanks for the trip! We enjoyed catching them. Ray.

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July 3. Hey Cap! We had so much fun fishing with you. Thank you for helping us out on the water. Aishah.

July 2. Thank you again. We had a great time!

July 4. Hi Captain - thanks for spending time with us on the Lake. Enjoyed the trip! G.

July 5. Thank you so much. We had a blast. Roman.

July 10. Fantastic day of fishing. Bob.

July 14. Thanks for a great fishing trip. Joyce.

July 19. Hi Tom, this is Joyce. Here's a picture of some of the fish already cooked. It's delicious! Thanks for a good day of fishing. Joyce.

July 21. Thank you for an excellent day of catching Stripers. Katie

July 22. Thanks Tom - we had a great day and are working on dinner - traditional fish fry with hush puppies. Dave.

July 23. Hey Tom - It' Chris Dean. Thanks again for the trip today! Kids had a blast.


ly 30. We had two boats and you did great.

July 31. Thank you for an amazing morning on the Lake. It was a great experience and we really enjoyed being with you! Paul

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June 10. Thank You! We enjoyed it very much! Chuck, Atlanta

June 12. We had a great time. Thank You! And thank you for the pictures. Matt, Atlanta

June 15. We had a wonderful time on the Lake yesterday. It was indeed great to see the kids involved. Angira, Atlanta

June 16. Thank you from both of us as well. We really had an amazing time. It was better than we even thought it would be and you were a pleasure to have as a guide. Anthony, Atlanta

June 20. It was a great time. Thanks for the trip! Marc, Atlanta

June 24. We all had a great time. Thank you for a great day. We couldn't have gotten a better guide. Thank You! Gavin, Atlanta

June 26. I had a great time. Fred, Atlanta.

June 30. It was our pleasure to be aboard your boat and enjoy a great day on God's beautiful Lake Lanier. May God bless you as you continue to bring the joy that comes from bringing in the big ones!!!

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In May I received two Google ratings of 5.0 and a slew of very favorable emails and texts about the quality of service that I rendered.

May 5. Tom, thank you for taking us fishing. You did a good job. The boys really liked it. Albert, Atlanta.

May 12. We put your hard work to good use. Thank you. Ted, Atlanta.

May 19. Thank you for taking us fishing. Fun time had by all. Roger, Atlanta.

May 27. Captain Tom, I gave you a Google rating of 5.0 because you delivered both good numbers of fish and an excellent service which we think was well beyond what we expected.

May 29. You provided an excellent day of fishing. You knew where the fish were and we caught a good number of them. Your service and our catch were so good that I gave you a Google rating of 5.0.

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April was a significant month for me and most of American as the presence of the virus shut us down for the best part of April. We did manage to get some folks on the water and here is what they had to say:

April 23. Captain Tom, you did a good job for us - we got some Stripers and my son enjoyed fishing. Thank You. Michael.

April 27. The boys and I caught some Stripers. Thank you for putting us on the fish. Brian.

April 29. A fairly good catch! Thank you! Lenny.

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March 7 We took your advice and moved our trip to the day you said would be better fishing - and, and your recommendation paid off. Thanks. Robbie

March 8 So we went to some of your places and there just a small number of fish. You made some changes to our locations and it resulted in some really good fish being caught in shallow water. It was a great experience! Weston

March 26 The weather for the day we wanted to go fishing was bad so we took your advice and it resulted in some good fish and a lot of fish. Thanks Captain Tom.

March 27 We struggled for the first two to three hours of the trip - it was tough finding fish. Captain Tom, you really came through for us - you found a good school of Stripers and we caught a bunch. Thank You.

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Captain Tom is the highest rated guide on Lake Lanier . He has received 37 Google reviews, each with the highest rating of 5.0!!!!!

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Ray Gregario. We really enjoyed it! Thanks again for putting us on fish. We will definitely hook-up with you again.

Tommy Holland. Wrote a Google Five Star Review! We got on an active school of fish at our quitting time and Tom let us keep catching well past the four hour time frame and he did not charge us extra. He had two different types of live bait in case one was better than the other. Highly recommend Captain Tom!

Jack Avery. My son and I fished with Captain Tom - it was cold and blustery; but we caught a bundh of fish - some small and some were large. Thoroughly enjoyed fishing with this professional!

Bill Barrett. Wrote a Google Five Star Review! I gave tom a call and he worked us into his schedule. The day we selected was to be a bad weather day and he let us change at the last minute for a better day. We caught over 15 Stripers with 3 being big girls. We also got into a school of Spotted Bass and my son caught the biggest Spot in his life. I highly recommend Tom. His knowledge of the Lake and the Stripers is unmatched. If you want to catch Stripers, Tom's the man.

Jay, Jim, and Rick. Great photos and had a fabulous time! Thanks for everything Tom. We had a blast! Learned a lot. Your excitement about us catching fish was the icing on the cake. Thanks!

Steve. Happy times fishing on the Lake on the final day of 2019! We boated nine Stripers in about three and one half hours; four of them were large.

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November 1. Brought my grandson with me and we had a fun trip catching Stripers and Bass. Larry.

November 3. Tom, we think we caught at least 30 fish. Thank You. John, Atlanta

November 8. Thank you very much, we had a great time on the water with you! Looking forward to seeing you on our next trip out. Johnny, Atlanta.

November 9. What a blast! We caught more fish than we expected. Jake, Atlanta

November 15. You really made our day Captain Tom - we caught a bunch of fish.

November 17. You put us on the fish. It was a lot of fun fishing with you. Joe, St. Louis.

November 26. We definitely had a good time. Tom, Atlanta

November 29. We caught a lot of fish in a four hour trip. Thanks Tom. John, Atlanta.

November 30. We really enjoyed it! Thanks again for putting us on fish. We will definitely hook up with you again. Ray, Atlanta.

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October 1. Thank you for a great fishing trip. Scott.


October 7. I asked you to do your best to get a big fish on my grandson's line and you did that first thing in the morning. Thanks. John.

October 18. Captain Tom, you not only met - but you exceeded our expectations. Keith.

October 28. You put us on the fish. Bryant had never caught a fish and Justin had never caught a Striped Bass - you got those guys and the rest of us in the middle of the fish and we all had a blast! Justin, Billy, Bryant, Peter.

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August. Fished with Captain Blackburn yesterday morning. AMAZING! 20 plus Stripers in less than two hours. Multiple hook-ups. Definitely will fish with him again soon. Thanks Captain Tom. Larry. See my Google Review of 5.0.

August. I have used a guide two previous years. Captain Tom blew them away. We had a great time. I would highly recommend Captain Tom as he knows where the honey holes are located. Rich. See my Google review of 5.0.

August. Captain, that was a blast and we will never forget that trip. Thanks for taking us fishing. Matt.

September. Tom, thanks for a great trip. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves - catching fish, steering the boat and learning things that are completely new! Jonathan.

September. We fished with you in both May and September and you turned our fishing into huge "catching" events. See my Google Review of 5.0!!!!!!! Mike/Pamela Lama.

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