April was a significant month for me and most of American as the presence of the virus shut us down for the best part of April. We did manage to get some folks on the water and here is what they had to say:

April 23. Captain Tom, you did a good job for us - we got some Stripers and my son enjoyed fishing. Thank You. Michael.

April 27. The boys and I caught some Stripers. Thank you for putting us on the fish. Brian.

April 29. A fairly good catch! Thank you! Lenny.

March 7 We took your advice and moved our trip to the day you said would be better fishing - and, and your recommendation paid off. Thanks. Robbie

March 8 So we went to some of your places and there just a small number of fish. You made some changes to our locations and it resulted in some really good fish being caught in shallow water. It was a great experience! Weston

March 26 The weather for the day we wanted to go fishing was bad so we took your advice and it resulted in some good fish and a lot of fish. Thanks Captain Tom.

March 27 We struggled for the first two to three hours of the trip - it was tough finding fish. Captain Tom, you really came through for us - you found a good school of Stripers and we caught a bunch. Thank You.

Captain Tom is the highest rated guide on Lake Lanier . He has received 37 Google reviews, each with the highest rating of 5.0!!!!!

Ray Gregario. We really enjoyed it! Thanks again for putting us on fish. We will definitely hook-up with you again.

Tommy Holland. Wrote a Google Five Star Review! We got on an active school of fish at our quitting time and Tom let us keep catching well past the four hour time frame and he did not charge us extra. He had two different types of live bait in case one was better than the other. Highly recommend Captain Tom!

Jack Avery. My son and I fished with Captain Tom - it was cold and blustery; but we caught a bundh of fish - some small and some were large. Thoroughly enjoyed fishing with this professional!

Bill Barrett. Wrote a Google Five Star Review! I gave tom a call and he worked us into his schedule. The day we selected was to be a bad weather day and he let us change at the last minute for a better day. We caught over 15 Stripers with 3 being big girls. We also got into a school of Spotted Bass and my son caught the biggest Spot in his life. I highly recommend Tom. His knowledge of the Lake and the Stripers is unmatched. If you want to catch Stripers, Tom's the man.

Jay, Jim, and Rick. Great photos and had a fabulous time! Thanks for everything Tom. We had a blast! Learned a lot. Your excitement about us catching fish was the icing on the cake. Thanks!

Steve. Happy times fishing on the Lake on the final day of 2019! We boated nine Stripers in about three and one half hours; four of them were large.

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November 1. Brought my grandson with me and we had a fun trip catching Stripers and Bass. Larry.

November 3. Tom, we think we caught at least 30 fish. Thank You. John, Atlanta

November 8. Thank you very much, we had a great time on the water with you! Looking forward to seeing you on our next trip out. Johnny, Atlanta.

November 9. What a blast! We caught more fish than we expected. Jake, Atlanta

November 15. You really made our day Captain Tom - we caught a bunch of fish.

November 17. You put us on the fish. It was a lot of fun fishing with you. Joe, St. Louis.

November 26. We definitely had a good time. Tom, Atlanta

November 29. We caught a lot of fish in a four hour trip. Thanks Tom. John, Atlanta.

November 30. We really enjoyed it! Thanks again for putting us on fish. We will definitely hook up with you again. Ray, Atlanta.

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October 1. Thank you for a great fishing trip. Scott.


October 7. I asked you to do your best to get a big fish on my grandson's line and you did that first thing in the morning. Thanks. John.

October 18. Captain Tom, you not only met - but you exceeded our expectations. Keith.

October 28. You put us on the fish. Bryant had never caught a fish and Justin had never caught a Striped Bass - you got those guys and the rest of us in the middle of the fish and we all had a blast! Justin, Billy, Bryant, Peter.

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August. Fished with Captain Blackburn yesterday morning. AMAZING! 20 plus Stripers in less than two hours. Multiple hook-ups. Definitely will fish with him again soon. Thanks Captain Tom. Larry. See my Google Review of 5.0.

August. I have used a guide two previous years. Captain Tom blew them away. We had a great time. I would highly recommend Captain Tom as he knows where the honey holes are located. Rich. See my Google review of 5.0.

August. Captain, that was a blast and we will never forget that trip. Thanks for taking us fishing. Matt.

September. Tom, thanks for a great trip. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves - catching fish, steering the boat and learning things that are completely new! Jonathan.

September. We fished with you in both May and September and you turned our fishing into huge "catching" events. See my Google Review of 5.0!!!!!!! Mike/Pamela Lama.

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July 3. A belated thank you for the photos and for taking us fishing. We had such a great time - definitely an experience that will be talked about for years. Herr Family. Atlanta.

July 5. Our trip was awesome! As usual you put us on quality fish, hole after hole. It was a fun trip for all of us and we appreciate your expertise and professionalism. Thanks again! I look forward to seeing you this fall. This trip was so good that we posted a rating of 5:0 on Google. David. Atlanta.

July 10. Thanks for a great day Tom! I loved it! Eric. Atlanta.

July 12. Fourteen Stripers in our morning trip - not too shabby! Stephen. Atlanta.

July 15. Thanks Tom. We definitely did enjoy the trip. Joseph cooked up the Stripers and they were really good - very fresh makes the difference. Hopefully, we will be back to you in the future to see if we can't find that twelve pounder. Brad and Joseph. Atlanta.

July 22. Tom, you pulled this one out as you changed from bait to trolling. Good move - it paid off very well. Bobby.

July 27. We got on some good ones - fishing with the Herring. Thank You! Cedric. Atlanta.

July 30. We did not know what to expect; but, you had us on fish all day and our catch was excellent. John. Atlanta.

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June 1. What an amazing day! It's a day we will remember forever. The guys are still wheeling with excitement. Tim Atlanta.

June 3. Over twenty Stripers - all between six and eleven pounds! Good work Captain Tom. Dave. Atlanta.

June 4. We really did not expect to catch many fish; however, you sure proved us wrong with 14 large Stripers being caught. Gary Atlanta

June 6. The Herter Family had a great day and the boys had a blast. Jeff Atlanta

June 12. The boys just graduated from high school and were in Atlanta for a "get together". You took them fishing - or should I say catching - those boys caught 28 Stripers and broke you 2019 boat record!!!!!!!!! The smallest one was about four pounds. Thank you for taking the boys "catching". Sherry Atlanta.

June 13. I have fished with you at Lanier and Hartwell and you never cease to amaze me - you can find and catch fish like no other guide I know! Twelve large Stripers in a four hour trip!!!! You never fail us regardless of the weather and other conditions! Buddy Atlanta.

June 14. What a day we had with you - the good news - I beat my personal best while fishing with you on Friday!!! Many Thanks! Jeff Atlanta.

June 20. We cannot thank you enough and you will be seeing us again. We had an awesome time and you made everything so easy for us. I have told many of my friends about you - so, thanks Captain Tom. The Filakosky Family. Atlanta.

June 21. Every June we book three or so boats for a fishing outing. You and your Captains have never failed us! Jim Atlanta.

June 23. Thanks so much for the ultimate Striper fishing experience. We loved every second of it! Chuck Atlanta.

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May 9 We booked you for three consecutive days and we averaged 20 fish per day. Could not have asked for a better fishing/catching experience. Mike. Smithsburg, MD

May 13 We know you were doing a great job because we caught fish every place you took us. Manny. Atlanta.

May 15 Weather conditions were not exactly perfect as the wind was blowing hard; nonetheless, we caught and released over 20 stripers. You're the man!!!!!! John. Atlanta.

May 17 The fish challenged us today and yet you not only met that challenge - you bested the fish. And, yes, we had a grand time boating 17 in four hours. R. Atlanta.

May 22 When I booked a trip with you I did not have any idea as what to expect. But it was very clear at the beginning of the trip that you knew exactly what to do because we caught a bunch of fish at the first stop. Then, we were very successful the rest of the morning - we ended up with 24 fish - 22 were Stripers. I fished by myself!!! Tom. Atlanta.

May 24. Solid day of fishing! Clearly you are an expert - a professional at what you do. We'll be back for certain. Thomas. Atlanta.

May 30 Once you got us warmed up on the smaller fish, you took us to your honey hole and we caught the real big ones left and right! Everything went so well - our nephew caught an eleven pounder on a spinning reel/rod that had eight pound test line!! Catching well over 20 Stripers made our day and we will be back. Tim. Atlanta.

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April 3. You kept us busy catching fish all day long. In the end we had boated 23 good Stripers. Captain Tom, an excellent day of catching. Karl.

April 10. Our four hour trip was full of action. Thanks Tom. Darren

April 20. Well, you found fish in a number of places and we did good to catch some. A cold but very fun day. Leyland.

April 22. The fish were scattered and you kept finding them for us. It was a good effort and it paid off. Thank You. Steven.

April 26. You remember that we told you we wanted to catch big fish so we would have a chance of winning the corporate prize. Our first place did not play out so you took us way up the Lake and that really paid off for us as we were able to just barely beat the second and third place teams. Thank you for the extra effort - it really paid off for us! Alan.

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It should be pointed out that in the past three weeks, I have received three Google reviews each with a rating of 5.0! A huge Thank You to the folks who fished with me in March and early April. We had some "off-the-charts" fishing trips!!! And we endured some very harsh weather conditions!

March 1. You put us on some good fish and we greatly appreciate it! Chris. Atlanta.

March 19. Tom was our guide and he did not disappoint. On a day that would be hard to catch any fish (full moon and east wind) we landed 4 Stripers and 3 Large Mouths. It was my first time Striper fishing and I had a blast. We ended the day with me landing a 10 pound Striper! Katherine. Missoula, Montana

March 22. We had a rather long boat ride; however, when we stopped the fish started biting immediately and there was a lot of fish; there was more action that I and girlfriend could handle!!!! Captain Tom is Number One!! Zach. Banks County.

March 23. Highly recommended. Captain Tom got right to it! Great fishing! Great Day! Clayton. Atlanta.

March 24. Oh Boy! We started out with a huge bang and there was so much catching action at the end of the trip, we stayed out for another hour! Everywhere we went, we caught fish! Captain Tom, you were great! Duane. Pittsburg, PA.

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January 4. Caught some big Stripers on down lines. Thank you for taking us, giving us a few pointers, and making sure we had a great time! Jeff, Knoxville TN.

February 3. Everywhere we went we caught fish! Thank You! Keith, Atlanta.

February 4. We went to the Super Bowl; but, we wanted to go fishing with you. We caught a lot more fish than we expected. Howard, New Jersey.

February 23. It was a trip to celebrate my son's birthday and you really came through for us - we all enjoyed the trip - thank you. John, Braselton.

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December 17. Under some bad conditions and yet we caught some Stripers. Thanks. Ronnie. Atlanta.

December 12. We were not sure what to expect Captain Tom. Up until today, we had never caught Stripers. We had a good time. Matt. Atlanta.

I closed out December with an outstanding trip on Saturday the 29th. Here is what the customer said: Captain Tom, you far exceeded our expectations - with all the rain we have had, we thought the day was going to be a bust. But it was not - thank you. Jim. Atlanta.

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November 16. We caught good numbers and sizes of both Stripers and Bass. William. Atlanta.

November 17. It was tough fishing early in our trip; but, you came through for us in the last two hours! Good Job! Atlanta. Brown.

November 18. I sent my two nephews out with you and really had no expectations; so, when they called me about midway through the trip saying that had already caught over ten Stripers, I was very happy. Thanks Tom for taking care of my family! Mandy. Atlanta.

November 19. Anytime a fishing guide can put you on fish and you catch way more than you expected - well, we are extremely grateful Captain Tom. You had us on fish the entire trip. David. Atlanta.

November 21. Beautiful weather, good fishing guide, and good fishing/catching results. Thank you Tom! Chris. Atlanta.

November 22. From mid-lake to north-lake, wherever we stopped and put the bait out, we caught good numbers of Stripers. Catching them on the jigging spoon was extra fun! Ronnie. Calhoun.

November 24. Captain Tom, you showed us a lot of flexibility and intuitiveness. Fishing in twenty mile an hour winds did not stop you from getting on good numbers of fish. And when the Stripers stopped biting we requested that we go bass fishing. Sure enough, we caught a lot of bass in the last hour of our trip!! Buddy. Atlanta.

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October 4. Excellent fishing and catching. Thank you! Justin Rowland, Greensboro, NC.

October 24. Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time and if you need a recommendation somewhere, please let me know. Thank you very much. Jim, Snellville.

November 3. Thank you again for a great trip! Brian, Statham, GA.

November 4. Thanks for everything. John, Philadelphia, PA.

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September 15. We had a great time. I have given my buddies your contact info. I'll reach out to you in late October so we can do it again. Cedric, Atlanta.

September 19. Great pictures. We really enjoyed the trip. Thank you so much! Denise, Atlanta.

September 28. All six of us had a fantastic time fishing/catching with you! Jim, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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August 4 Wonderful trip! Chad. Atl.

August 11 Well-priced trip with excellent fishing results!!!!!!!!!! Carl. IL.

August 15 You provided a fishing trip that far exceed our expectations. Bill. Atl.

August 17 We will be back - thank you for your services! Bobby. Atl.

August 21 The Striper fishing was terrific! Gotta do this again. Chris. Atl.

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