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June 5, 2022

Fishing in May was excellent as “normal” weather patterns returned resulting in water temperatures conducive for the use of Planer Boards and Free Lines. Blueback Herring proved to a very effective live bait. Fish, for the most part, were in waters with an overall depth range of 25 to 40 feet; this was the pattern for fishing on the north end of the Lake.

What about June? The Stripers that were in Wahoo, Little River and the upper reaches of the Chattahoochee River have moved to deeper waters from Lake Marker 60 to River Forks. The most recent experience is that I am finding them in 50 to 80 feet. Here’s a thought for you…why not try lead core trolling as the fish will be spread out?

Meanwhile, fish on the south-end of the Lake are moving toward the normal June pattern which is: pockets and small bays of the creeks and on either side of a sand bar also found in creeks. Down Lines will be the ticket; shorten your leader to three to four feet. You should find fish in 30 to 45 feet of overall water depth. Eight to twelve pound leaders will work; you might consider using ten pound provided your knots will hold up. June fishing is rather predictable and can result in double digit catches!!!!!

USCG Captain Tom Blackburn

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