May 1. Captain Tom, our expectations were not nearly as close to what happened while fishing with you. As I remember it, we caught over ten big Stripers on the Planer Boards. Scott. Repeat Customer.

May 4. I was a member of a large group trip and some of us on your boat were unsure about procedures and protocol. You showed us how to hook the bait, etc., and as a result we had a very successful fishing trip for Striped Bass. Larry

May 7. Twenty MPH and in spite of that we caught some good Stripers! Thank you! Tim

May 9. As you know, I am a repeat customer and yesterday I was able to bring all of my sons. You did not disappoint us!!! What a day of catching the big Stripers. You knew where they were…and we immediately started catching them. Reid.

May 19. Captain Tom, you put us on trophy Striped Bass. We are going to have one or two mounted! Kyle. Repeat Customer.

May 31. You took us to several “honey holes” where we caught some nice Stripers. Thanks for taking us out. Chris.

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Unlike the first half of April, fishing was off the charts during the last thirteen days of the month.

April 20. Captain Tom, you took us to a really good fishing place and we caught some very nice Stripers. Brett.

April 24. Fishing with the Planer Boards was new to us; but they sure caught plenty of fish. Thanks for putting us on the big fish! Ronald.

April 25. You took us way up the River and we caught some big ones. You knew where the big ones were at. We will be back for sure! Whit.

April 26. The best fishing trip I ever had on Lake Lanier. We never caught Stripers less than 27 inches. Aaron…repeat customer.

April 27. Very good trip. Those big Herring you had were the ticket. One time we had three big Stripers on our lines. Joe….repeat customer.

April 28. We broke the record today! We have fourteen pictures of huge Stripers that we caught this morning. Mike…repeat customer.

April 30. Thank you. We had a blast. We had never caught Stripers as big as the ones you put us on. Al….repeat customer.

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March 3. Weather conditions were bad with a lot of wind but you were to find some fish that we caught. Ronnie.

March 10. Our expectations were low based on fishing reports and we started out fairly slow. In the last two hours of our trip…you put some good fish on the screen and in our cooler. Laura.

March 14. Captain Tom - what a trip - a total of thirteen fish and that included seven good Stripers. Thanks! Dave.

March 20. We had a good feeling about our fishing trip. We met you where the fish were and that provided for a lot more fishing time than travel time. The Stripers were picky … we managed to get five good ones in the boat. Many thanks!

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February 12. Captain Tom, the weather was atrocious but you got us on some fish and it was fun catching them. Ronnie.

February 17. Our trip was fun…thank you for making it that way. Priscilla.

February 18. In our conversation leading up to the trip I mentioned that our nine year olds would be very happy with catching any species and you came through for us on a very windy day! Eric.

February 19. You did exactly what I asked, which was put me on some lunker stripers. Thank you. The pictures turned out good. Eric.

February 24. Despite the weather conditions we were able to catch plenty of fish. Thank you. Gloria.

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December 3. Not many fishing guides are like you. You are easy going and good at finding fish. Warren

December 4. We had a slow start but you were able to pick up the tempo and make a find day of fishing. Billy

December 10. Good job putting us on fish! Tony

December 20. We had a lot of fun catching Bass and Stripers. Kevin

December 23. Boated nine…we all enjoyed it! John

December 31. I received a Google rating of 5.0 from one of my December customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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November 6. It was cold but you got us on fish. Ronald

November 17. We kicked a lot of bass butts today. Thanks Capt. Tom. Wounded Warriors.

November 23. We fished in the Gainesville area and caught some really nice fish!!! Sharon

November 26. The kids were out of school and you make them very happy! Ken

November 28. You found a new pattern, worked it, and as a result we caught some Stripers and Catfish!

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October 4. We had a good amount of action. Thanks Tom.

October 12. Thanks for showing us a good time.

October 20. We like your only rule, “Let’s have as much fun as possible.”

October 26. We will be back!

October 31. It was good to celebrate your birthday with you!! Good fishing!

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September 3. Classic day on the Lake with a lot of action. Thanks Tom.

September 7. We are very happy. Thank You.

September 8. We caught them on Umbrella Rigs and Down Lines!

September 12. Fantastic fishing trip. It was so good that I rated Captain Tom’s fishing business with a Google 5.0!!!!!!

September 14. A ton of action and a lot of catching. Can’t beat it!

September 21. It was me and the boys and we put ten good Stripers in the boat.

September 28. Six fish on and to the boat. It was tough but Captain Tom kept us on them.

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August 5. A great day. We enjoyed picking your brain and learning how to use the technology. David. Buckhead.

August 7. We had a blast Tom. My grandchildren can’t stop talking about all the fish we caught. Curt. Braselton.

August 8. Thanks for a great trip Tom! Boys loved it! Great memory for us! David. Cumming.

August 10. We caught more fish than we expected. Thank you. Beverly. Atlanta.

August 12. To say that we had a lot of fun is an understatement. Rob. Atlanta.

August 14. Good morning Capt. Tom. I just thought you would like to know that James has never really been happier since he came back from your fishing expedition. He has fished in many locations but his time with you was exceptional. Christina. Chicago.

August 22. Tom-we had a great time today! David. Buford

August 23. It was a very good trip. Daniel. Milton.

August 30. Thanks for a great day. Kyle. Los Angeles

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July 6. Thanks Tom for a great outing.

July 10. Thanks Tom. Appreciate you sending the photos and taking us around the Lake to rip some Striper lips yesterday. We had a great time!

July 15. It was a pleasure fishing with you. Thank you for your expertise and experience. Looking forward to the next one.

July 17. Thanks for a great trip Tom! The boys loved it! Great memory for the family.

July 21. We traveled to Georgia for a vacation and our fishing trip with you was certainly the highlight as we caught numerous, big Stripers.

July 23. My son and I had a great time fishing with you Captain Tom.

July 26. We looked over the list of fishing guides on Lanier and considered you to be the one best qualified. We made a good decision. We were on fish every place you took us to. And, we caught plenty!!!

July 27. Thank you so much! We had a great time and thank you for sending the pictures to us.

July 30. Captain Tom, you were great. Thanks for all your help today and your hospitality. Wonderful trip they’ll remember for ages!!

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June 2. Thanks Tom. We had a great time! David. Cumming.

June 4. I look forward to doing this again. Robert. Decatur.

June 5. Thanks again for everything. I will definitely book with you again for myself and my friends. Brandon. Atlanta.

June 8. Thank you so very much!!! We had an amazing time!! We will definitely be back. Keith and Hillary. Knoxville, TN.

June 12. Captain Tom, you were really great with kids and I really appreciated you putting us on fish! Tom, Cumming.

June 15. Tom, it was awesome! Thank you for going above and beyond for us! Chuck, Newark, DE.

June 16. Thank you Tom. Great Day. We’ll do it again soon! Bill. Atlanta.

June 21. Thank you again Tom for everything! We’ll be doing this again! Neil, Johnson City, TN.

June 25, 26. Tom, you did an outstanding job both days. We have fished as a group in many places but never had the size and number of fish that we caught with you. Pat, Kyle, Larry, John, Erik. Durango, CO.

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May 1. Hi Captain. Thank you very much for the trip today! My ten year old so and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Shannon

May 4. Fishing was excellent! We even had a triple at one time. Your positive attitude and how you handled yourself fit right into our fishing plan! Joe

May 6. A solid day of catching Stripers. Thank you! David

May 8. We caught more than we expected. Thanks. George

May 9. We had a great time! We have given your phone number to our neighbor! Joe.

May 14. Wonderful fishing trip. We liked you at the very beginning when you said you had only one rule, “Let’s have as much fun as possible”. Jennifer

May 17. Thanks Tom! We really enjoyed the experience and your expert guide skills. Thanks for putting us on the fish and for a very enjoyable day! Matt and Tommy.

May 18. Thanks Captain Tom! You made our day! Jessica.

May 25. Thank you for a great day!! We really had a great time! David

May 27. Pitching and casting those bait fish was way cool. We caught plenty of fish…more than we thought. Scott.

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